Humpty Trumpty was and still is the natural heir to the she-snake fascist of 2008.

Does anyone remember the way Sarah Palin poured poison into the ears of so many Americans in the run-up to the 2008 election when she was, to the late John McCain’s rapid regret, his chosen…

Not in terms of their personalities, which are as apple pie is to a rotten apple — in terms of the voting support they gathered.

I am listening to Barack Obama reading his memoirs, Volume 1. (Thanks to Audible. Am I allowed to say that?). Obama is honest, self-effacing and…

When it comes to understanding why Congresspersons and Senators will almost always vote the party line, just follow the money.


(In passing, I have nothing to say about the disgusting rabble who defaced Congress that has not been said. What is America’s way back from this?)

I have no doubt…

Three nations which used to inspire and are now reduced to shadows.

You will not need much prompting because the USA is on the list, along with the UK and Israel.


The American portrait is fully painted, and needs no embellishment. Four years plus of a presidency which not even…

Christmas is coming and the veterinarians are getting fat.

I have a slightly masochistic streak I think, because I have a fool-proof way to make myself really sad.

Somehow, whenever I hear of the death of friends’ beloved dogs, I immediately want to start an internet search to help them…

Not only did Trump not make America great again, he never needed to, and would never have known how, anyway.

Just what was it that Humpty Trumpty thought was wrong with America, that he, and only he, could fix? I don’t mean what was actually wrong — I mean what…

A mythical interview with a mythical but all too real two-headed political monster.

Thank you for agreeing to talk to me — I know how busy you must be with all that demolition work to do. It must be hard work, having to destroy democracy.

(Mid-Atlantic accent) Yes, it certainly is. We have tried everything so far. …

Forget the idea that Her Majesty the Queen wants America back. A message from the USA

You Know What’s Good For You

To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. (with thanks to the unknown author of this wisdom)

Something else the world will not miss when Trumpty leaves the White House.

I recently offered a paean of praise to the gods for delivering all of us, soon, from the awfulness of Humpty Trumpty — those weird gestures, the orangeness, the sitting-strutting and standing-still-swaggering, that mouth, the fat body…

Dr John Grierson

Broadcaster, academic, journalist, columnist, humorist. Show- off contrarian. Seriously centrist politics junkie. British Americanophile.

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